What is mollyjane?

Molly Jane comes in a capsule, will retail for MSRP $10.00 and is available in distinct male and female patent pending formulas. 

You can contact us directly through this site,  at (501) 777-5647, or check with CannaSOS, Weedmaps, or your local dispensary.

Molly Jane is designed to make you feel ecstatic and sensual. It’s stimulating, so that you and your partner can enjoy some enhanced intimate time together and have a very special experience. Molly Jane doesn’t have to be used strictly for intimate encounters. The euphoric feelings that it provides can be enjoyed on an average day, solely with the intent of making your day a better place. All with no nasty crashes, no headaches, and no hangover.

“I believe in the healing powers of flowers and other herbs. As someone who suffers from chronic pain, I’ve worked to create new ways to use them to new effects. Molly Jane is the first in a series of NEW AGE CANNABIS products we’re bringing to market. Not only does it make you feel good and assist in arousal, it also contains herbal medicine to help with sexual health.” – Michelle Kelley, PL+HS Founder


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Peace Love N Hippie Stuff (PL+HS) excited and delighted customers throughout Oregon with its lifestyle products just last year. PL+HS is back in a brand new way with Molly Jane, an herbal intimacy supplement guaranteed to titillate.

PL+HS is a home-spun company, formed by established professionals and activists who shared a vision of healing through a fusion of flowers and herbs. The partners are all people who have orbited around one another for years, waiting for the right project to come along to join forces. PL+HS’s new age products, in particular Molly Jane, are what has united this team and brought their ideas to life.